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Information About Debt Management Programs

Get out of credit card debt

What does a Debt Management Program Cost?

The debt management programs ask for a one time enrollment fee for enrolling you into the program. They base the enrollment fee on the amount of debt you have and your hardship that you have been through. The fees range from $400-$1,500, compared to other industries, debt management has some of the most affordable enrollment fees. Debt settlement and other companies usually charge 14%-18% of the balances that you owe.
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Pros and Cons of Debt Management Programs

One affordable monthly payment (typically lower)
Reduced payment period (close to half the time)
Over the limit and late fees waived (after 90 days in a program)
Bring past due accounts current (after 90 days in a program)
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Information About Debt Management Programs

Get out of credit card debt with a Debt Management Program

What you need to be helped by a debt management program:

What is a Debt Management Program?

get out of credit card debt A debt management program will help you get out of credit card debt by lowering your monthly payments and your interest rates so you can pay off your unsecured balances within a reasonable amount of time.  Read More >

How does a Debt Management Program Work?

You will talk with a specialist who knows all about the program and can help you get verified and approved for a debt management program. You only need to give out your basic information to generate a quote. The specialist will then tell you what your monthly payment will be as well as how many months it will take for you to pay off your balances.  Read More >

What type of Debt Management company should I look for?

You should look for a company that is a non profit organization and most importantly make sure you check out their BBB, (Better Business Bureau), information to ensure that it is a legitimate company.  Read More >

Frequently asked questions about Debt Management Programs

What will this cost me?
Will it hurt my credit?
What information do I have to give out?
Why do I need a checking or savings account?
Can I still use my credit cards?

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Who should and should not us Debt Management Programs (Credit Counseling)?

The qualifications for a debt management program are a valid checking or savings account and a minimum of $5000 in unsecured balances. As long as you have both you may qualify for a program.  Read More >


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