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How Debt Settlement Works

Your monthly Debt Settlement Program(DSP) payment is determined by evaluating your individual situation and your ability to make payments.
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Who Qualifies

Your unsecured debt must be over $7,500 in order to participate in a Debt Settlement program.
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Important Program Disclosures:

* Past performance is not a guarantee of any future settlement results - Your creditors are under no obligation to accept settlement offers from any debt settlement company - If you stop making your monthly payment to your creditors, late fees and interest will continue to accrue -  Debt Settlement Programs cannot prevent your creditors from continuing collection activities, including lawsuits that  may be filed against you -Debt forgiveness may be taxable as income -  Debt Settlement Programs do not assume or pay any consumer debt, and does not provide tax or legal advice -Debt Settlement Programs are not available in all states -  Read and understand all contract terms prior to enrollment.

Debt Settlement Programs

Debt Settlement Programs

It's Simple.

Debt Settlement is an alternative approach for consumers dealing with the difficulties of too much debt and may serve as an option for those considering bankruptcy.debt settlement

Debt Settlement companies negotiate with your creditors, on your behalf, in an effort to settle your unsecured debt for a specified amount. Their highly skilled program advisors have successfully negotiated unsecured debts down by as much as 40-60% of the current amount owed.

*See important program disclosures

It's Affordable.

With Debt Settlement you save money for future negotiation in an F.D.I.C. insured savings account. You maintain control of your funds and authorization is required for transactions made from your account. Most also offer real time access to your account on-line at any time.

It's Settled.

Once a creditor has accepted payment in full, you are free from that debt forever. It's about your future. As a client of a debt settlement company, they work for you, not for the creditor.

If you are serious about getting out of debt and want to start enjoying life again, fill out our contact form or email us at - so we can help help direct you to a company that is right for you.

The Benefits.

* Settle Your Unsecured Debt in as little as 12-36 Months
* Avoid Bankruptcy
* Settle Your Unsecured Debt By Up To 60%
* Regain Control of Your Life
* Understand Your Options

If you are concerned about your credit card debt or other unsecured bills, please contact us a or fill out our contact form.


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